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There has to be something better on television.

You're not getting any younger.

26 March
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I am a pretentious fuck.
1984, 2001: a space odyssey, a clockwork orange, a separate peace, actors, agnosticism, alcohol, arcading, argyle, bad religion, bad student films, ben&jerry's, books, brak, brand new, caffeinated beverages, cake, camping, candy, chapstick, cheesecakes, chess, coke, coldplay, concerts, cooking, dayquil, deftones, democracy, drawing, dressing up, driving, edward norton, falling down, falling in love, fight club, filming, filming movies, fiona apple, fire, flying, gardens, garrison keillor, guitar, hard-asses, heineken, hickys, history, home movies, hostility, incoherence, incubus, inside jokes, insomnia, italians, jimmy buffet, jimmy buffett, jimmy eat world, kenneth branagh, kevin klien, kid a, kissing, la plage, lesbians, live, lord of the rings, love, low tech sci-fi, making babies, making-out, mall ratting, matchbox twenty, men that can dance, metallica, milka, monty python, mountains, movies, musicals, nature, oleander, ozma, painting, passing tests, plaid, pro-choice, rage against the machine, ramen noodles, random "i love you"s, red paint, ren and stimpy, rock, romance, salvador dalí, science fiction, sex and violence, shakespeare, sharpies, shiney things, significant changes, skanks, snow, sobriety, sporks, st. augustine, st. germaine, stars, steak n shake, stravinsky, strawberry milk, studying, surrealism, sweet tarts, swimming, thai food, the life of brian, the smiths, theaters, tool, totalitarian government, travel, v-coke, vanilla milk, wakeboarding, water fights, water skiing, waves, weapons of mass destruction, wekiva, wine, writing, x-men